Latest from Fauve Collective: August 2015


August has been a busy month for Fauve Collective, as well as obtaining a new studio space,LUUI took London by storm last week performing alongside Fauve comrade Devenny, and Mishkka gave an excellent performance earlier in the month at Bristol’s renowned Start the Bus.

In amongst all this excitement there are some new releases that haven’t yet been covered on the Fauve Collective blog space and it’s about time they got some attention. So, for your ears only, here is a lowdown on the latest music from the loveable Fauves. Enjoy!



Howling Moon is the debut EP from I.D.O.L. Fronted by Declan Cullen, formally of Coastal Cities, he has been working lone-wolf towards a collection of pop gems. Taking influence from Johnny Cash, to A-ha, to Kylie Minogue, the gorgeous Howling Moon hints at sounds of a bygone era, and listening to I.D.O.L will thrust you into…

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