A Dose of British Summertime

GREAT ! Loved reading this !


Nuts in May by Mike LeighNuts in May by Mike Leigh

It was so sunny today I sat in the garden. Fancy that! Springtime is here, which means summer is just round the corner, and if there isn’t something that all British people have in common, is a love for summer sunshine and long days. I mean, it’s no secret that we Brits are OBSESSED with the weather. I reckon on a daily basis, I have at least one conversation about the state of the weather and how it is affecting my day. I can hear myself sometimes rattling on about the rain or the sun, and I think, bloody heck Claire, you’re so typical, you’re a typical Brit, a little bit camp and mundane just like every other British person who has these conversations to fill the void of silence. We feel the need to talk, so why not talk about the ever changing…

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