From the depths of obscurity comes creativity

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In a picturesque corner of Kent, that’s where Fauve Collective started out – not a particularly thrilling, or glamorous place but rather somewhere you might like to retire.

It would seem that when you’re subjected to the sluggish suburbs of England, creativity can provide solace to the tedium and occasionally exciting things will happen. In this post, Claire Cullen AKA KitschReligion tells a little bit more of where the foundations for Fauve were formed.


Broadstairs in Thanet Broadstairs in Thanet

The Isle of Thanet. An obscure place. It once was separate to England by two miles of water, known as the Wantsum Channel. Over the course of last millennium the Island joined with Kent, so its name – Isle of Thanet – is pretty obsolete.

The last few decades has seen Thanet’s former glory, as a hotspot for holiday makers, rapidly decline – as tourism, money and jobs have become scarce. Despite its noteworthy…

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