Kitsch Religion talks to IDOL


Besides working together, some of the Fauve Collective members also grew up together. For this post, Claire (Kitsch Religion) talks to her younger (but much taller) brother Declan (IDOL) about song writing, childhood memories and his favourite pop songs. 

kitsch headerpink


KitschReligion: Hey Declan, how’s it going?

Declan Cullen – IDOL: I’m alright thanks, how are you?

KR: I’m good thanks. So you’ve been working on a new project – I.D.O.L, it would be great to know a little more about the concept behind this and you’re influences.

DC: Of course. The initial intention of the music project was to start a group with a really strong sense of identity, style and direction, and I just wanted to write really great pop songs, albeit, with a rock and roll style. I feel that music is getting very complicated, and within the industry sometimes things can be too politically motivated – however…

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